Price List

Price List


Admission fee


Nomination fee


Transportation expenses


Basic Play

Deep kiss / whole body lip / finger insertion / raw blowjob / titty fuck / 69 / intercrural sex

How to use cast

Please check the website and select your desired date and time, course, and cast.


Once you have decided what you would like, please make a reservation with us. We will explain in detail about the cast guidance situation and questions.

3.cast delivery

After the contract is concluded, the cast will visit the customer at the specified time. Relax and wait until your time.

4.cast arrival

Once you arrive and pay the fee to the cast, your time will start. Please take your time and enjoy yourself.


When using


Our store is a regular delivery health.
You have to follow the rules.
It cannot be inserted into the pussy.
SEX is prohibited. Prohibited by law.
No cancellation after cast arrival
Breaking the rules
We will stop the service immediately.
Then, legal measures such as the police and courts will be taken.
Of course, we will not refund the play fee.