A. A woman will go to your hotel or home to provide services. If it is impossible to have a friend, I will tell you a recommended hotel. (OK without reservation)

A. Yes, it opened in 2007 and is famous for having the most beautiful women in Tokyo working there. This shop has been featured in the media. We never ask for more than the price posted on the site. Please enjoy the night in Tokyo to your heart's content.

A.It's real. I refuse to send other photos.

A. Yes. Is possible. Please use Japanese Yen or credit card. (+ 10% commission)

A, Please give it to the woman first. Japanese yen or credit card It is possible to pay in US dollars, but please inquire as we will calculate the exchange rate.

A. SEX is prohibited. (Insertion is prohibited) Kissing etc. is OK. Women are massaged naked. It is also served by hand and mouth. (Sumata) Insertion is prohibited by law. All shops have the same rules.

A. Yes, I am 100% Japanese.

A. In that case, the shop will contact you after arrival. Please come pick me up on the first floor.

A. Please use a translation app on your mobile phone.

A. Please contact us via LINE, WECHAT WhatsApp.

A. Please use the "LINE" on the site or the chat service. Calls in English are not supported.

A. We can respond within 30 to 60 minutes after making a reservation.

60 minutes – ¥50000
90 minutes – ¥75000
120 minutes – ¥100,000
180 minutes to 150,000 yen

A. Please pay 10,000 yen.

A. The above fee will be ⁺5000 yen.

A. Tokyo only; other areas do not exist.

A. Just a minute. There is also translation software available.

A. Please send us the following information. Desired time Hotel name Room number Name Usage time (e.g. 90 minute course) Desired woman's name.

A. We do regular inspections.


A.一个女人会去你的酒店或家里提供服务。 如果没有朋友,我会告诉你推荐的酒店。 (OK 无保留)

A.是的,它于 2007 年开业,以拥有东京最美丽的女性而闻名。 这家店曾被媒体报道过。 我们的要求绝不会超过网站上公布的价格。 请尽情享受东京的夜晚。

A.是真的 我拒绝发送其他照片。

A.是的。 有可能。 请使用日元或信用卡。 (+ 10% 佣金)

A.请先给女人。 日元或信用卡 可以用美元支付,但请咨询我们将计算汇率。

A.性行为是被禁止的。 (禁止插入)接吻等是可以的。 妇女被裸体按摩。 它也可以用手和嘴巴食用。 (墨又) 法律禁止插入。 所有商店都有相同的规则。

A.是的,我是 100% 日本人。

A.在这种情况下,商店会在您抵达后与您联系。 请来一楼接我。


A.请通过LINE、WECHAT WhatsApp与我们联系。

A.请使用网站上的“LINE”或聊天服务。 不支持英文通话。

A. 我们可以在预订后 30 到 60 分钟内回复。

60 分钟 – ¥50000
90 分钟 – ¥75000
120 分钟 – ¥100,000

A.请支付 10,000 日元。



A.请稍等。 也有翻译软件可用。

A.请向我们发送以下信息。 期望时间 酒店名称 房间号 姓名 使用时间(例如 90 分钟课程) 期望女性姓名