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Tokyo VIP was published in the February special issue of King Zuba.
“Porsche Shimizu Esthetic Heaven” Manga: Daiki Yamazaki This month’s recommended delivery health introduction and double feature!
There must be a lot of people who are lamenting that women who can call delivery health these days can’t come…
For those of you who are like that, let’s introduce the best shops in Ki!

■Tokyo VIP was published in Tokyo Sports
“Licking active models” This time we headed to Shibuya, Tokyo, where you can get excited before Christmas. Aka-Megane-kun, who accompanied us, said, “Everyone looks like they’re having fun.”

■Tokyo VIP was published in Tokyo Sports
“Taste the VIP cast with a bonus in one hand” “Taiki: It’s about time for office workers” “Reporter: What is that?” It’s Tanabata!” “Taiki: That’s right!

■Tokyo VIP was published in Nikkan Sports
“Hinamatsuri at high-end delivery health” It’s already been two months this year, and it’s March. Today is Hinamatsuri. It’s a girl’s festival. So I decided to spend a luxurious Hinamatsuri at a luxury delivery health. Even if the shop I sneaked into is the shortest course in Tokyo VIP…