This is a pretty woman [Namie] who has an aura that heals the customer’s tired body and gives them vitality for tomorrow.
Her clear silky smooth white skin makes her slender body even more delicate. It won’t take long for you to be captivated by her cuteness, which makes your face melt just by looking at her innocent gestures, and the voluptuousness that rubs against her body.
No matter how many times I met her, she was new to me. A woman who is like an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city . It was a very satisfying moment. It was like a couple of lovers who did a lot of things. I have nothing to say about her cute smile.

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Introducing Ruka, a fair-skinned girl full of youthfulness.
She is a lovely girl with a cute smile.

She is still new to the industry, and we are sure that those who like amateurs will love her.
She also has a sexual zone that even she doesn’t know yet.

Why don’t you make her your color when you play with her?
How about dyeing her your color when you play with her?
We are waiting for your reservation!

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She is gorgeous and sparkling. She is a beautiful girl who has all the beauty and all the glamour.

I (the manager) have interviewed quite a few girls, but I can’t remember the last time I was so nervous.

I have not used this word in a long time. She is a true gem.
She has a beautiful face that makes men instantly fall in love with her.

She has a beautiful face that will make any man fall in love with her in an instant, and her cute and charming smile will surely knock you out.
Her D-cup body is full of transparency, and her fine, delicate, pure white skin is so taut that it looks as if it is about to fall out.

Once she starts to play, her erotic and erotic mode will be in full swing.
She says that she wants to respond to her customers’ requests as much as possible. Please spend a dreamy night with Ryo-san.

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First of all, you will feel the difference from the aura of [Reo].

She is a warm-hearted beauty with a luxurious and elegant aura, and is very attentive and considerate at such a young age.
She is so beautiful that she will make all men fall in love with her.

You will surely enjoy an enchanting time with her.
Once you taste her, you will become addicted to her.

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Sana has a sophisticated and beautiful style, looks, face, fashion, and personality that are surely top class.

Her friendly, easy-going and pure personality will make you feel as if you are in the company of a friend, even if you are meeting her for the first time.

She is a premiere arrival, so please call us as soon as possible to avoid a rush of reservations.

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The glittering and gently flowing lines from her fingertips to her back are indescribable masterpiece.

While some may think that she is delicate and would break if touched, her presence shining divinely is something that cannot be produced at her age.
Her gentle atmosphere, soft language and thoughtful personality are a must-see♪

Her large sparkling eyes, small lips and petite body are a form that men love.

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Ellen is a slender and pretty girl who looks like a heavenly maiden who has landed on a shining night.
Her clear eyes and gentle smile will take anyone’s breath away.
Her rounded bust and hip line, which form a perfect counterpart to her tight waistline, will make you fall in love with her as soon as you step into her shoes.
She has a clean and neat appearance, a very polite behavior, and a dazzling white body.
Her personality is full of culture, politeness, and cheerfulness.
She is a wonderful woman who truly fits the concept of our store.

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A cute girl with a neat, clean and smiling face, Ms. Aki.

She has a calm and relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel at ease.

She is tall and slender, with long arms and legs and smooth skin.
She has a firm neckline and a perfect style.
She says that she speaks in a dialect, but that’s what I love about her.

She is the kind of girl you should learn from.

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Completely inexperienced in the industry!
Ms. Ichika is a girl with an unmistakable aura and cuteness that has everyone in an uproar!

The moment you meet her, you will feel the urge to hug her.

She has silky smooth hair that flutters and looks like a young lady.
She is a bright and beautiful girl.

She is not only beautiful, but also has a cute smile that sometimes makes your heart flutter.

She has a small, beautiful face with a hint of innocence, and her eyes are very cute.
Her shyness tickles men’s hearts.

Her cuteness and charm will make you want to stay with her forever and fall in love with her….
Please enjoy her slender body.

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Cute and charming LADY!
She is a fashionable, healthy, and beautiful office worker type.

She has a thin and cute body, but she is also at the age where her sexy pheromones start to spread.
She has a very sensitive body that is easily felt, so I am worried that she may feel too much during her work and not be able to provide a good service. She is also a goddess for those who love to blame her.
She is a very sensitive girl.
How about dyeing this woman your color?
She is a highly recommended woman. Make a reservation as soon as possible before it becomes difficult to make a reservation!

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